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Understanding Amazon: Customer or Competitor Conference



There was a great turn-out on January 25, 2017 at the “Understanding Amazon! Customer or Competitor” Conference put on jointly by the CHHMA and Canadian Office Products Association (COPA).

The event was held at the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation (CHSI) in Mississauga and members from both associations as well as some retailers (Canadian Tire, Staples and even Amazon Canada) enjoyed hearing from some expert speakers in their fields as they provided insight on Amazon, the digital marketplace, consumer buying behaviour, as well as new technology and services to help companies better compete.

Tim O’Connor, the CEO & Founder of Retail Performance Solutions (RPS) – a retail & consumer goods analysis and advisory company, was the keynote speaker and started off the day with the latest stats on e-commerce in Canada and the influence on retail/shopping behaviour – including the new “disruptors” in the path to purchase.

Tim’s main presentation, however, was a very thorough examination of Amazon’s customer focused and disciplined approach to business as well as their new formats and shopping/pick-up options that they are testing and/or developing. Tim reviewed what you need to do to sell on Amazon successfully, how they are changing and their growing influence in Canada and world-wide.He also touched upon their strengths and vulnerabilities and where online selling is going, in general, in the future.
Gary Saarenvirta, CEO & Founder of Daisy Intelligence – a Toronto-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics company, gave a very interesting presentation on what exactly AI is and what the advantages and economical benefits are for both vendors/retailers to invest in such technology especially if you are one of the early adapters in beginning of what Gary called the 4th Industrial Revolution. Gary also passed on his views of what makes Amazon successful and how you can compete against them.

Alex Rink, CEO & Founder of 360pi – a trusted source of omnichannel product intelligence for retailers and brands, provided some background on the services that the company offers and then discussed some key online purchasing trends and tactics that are being used by Amazon and others in the digital marketplace.He then provided some tips on what companies need to do to sell successfully in today’s world.

Finally, Phil Chang, Head of Retail at Hubba Inc. – a product content management company and fastest growing B2B network connecting brands and retailers, talked about how the world of providing product info and content has changed and what today’s requirements are for selling online and what consumers are looking for. Great product content is the key!

A lot of valuable information was shown throughout the day and all attendees were provided with copies of all the speakers’ presentations – so we would like to thank our presenters for passing this info on.













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