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Richard Worzel, Canada's Leading Futurist Breakfast Meeting

On December 18th last year we had the opportunity to spend a morning with Canada's leading futurist, Mr. Richard Worzel.

Mr. Worzel, a chartered financial analyst and best-selling author of "Who Owns Tomorrow?" offered up a presentation on what we might expect to see happen in the coming months and years. At our Spring Conference last year he was one of our keynote speakers and, in this presentation he started by taking us back a few months in time to see if what he had predicted then matched up with the current conditions in the economy. For the most part he was right on the money when it came to the major points that he made back in April. He next took us on a journey through a variety of possible scenarios for the coming short to medium term economic conditions. He described what he anticipates will happen but was careful to remind us that his crystal ball, notwithstanding its positive track record, isn't 100% accurate all the time. He suggested some actions that could be used to make a positive difference going forward, reminding us that opportunity often is disguised as another animal entirely.

This timely and insightful presentation was warmly received by our members in attendance. It hopefully provided some answers to guide us and our industry through the coming trying times.
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