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Home Hardware DC Tour & Presentation

Over 100 CHHMA members attended a tour of the Home Hardware Distribution Centre in St. Jacobs on March 20, 2018 which included presentations by their top executive team afterwards on some of the new plans and marketing efforts the company is undertaking as well as feedback on what they are looking for from their vendor partners.

After some welcoming remarks from CEO Terry Davis, CHHMA members were taken on a walk-through of the facility in smaller groups by Home Hardware DC managers to see how materials and products are received and warehoused and then the complete process of how orders are picked and prepared for shipment and how new technology (with more to come over the next few years!) has led to improvements and efficiencies.

There was also an opportunity to visit a demo store set-up to see some of the latest product merchandising which will be on display for their dealers at the upcoming Spring Market.

The final part of the day included presentations by Rick McNabb, VP of Marketing & Sales, who talked about consumer demographics, marketplace opportunities and showed samples of Home Hardware's latest advertising campaigns; John Dyksterhuis, VP of Distribution, who provided an overview of their DC network and latest technologies they are investing in for future improvements; and Joel Marks, VP of Merchandising, who discussed the Home Hardware-Vendor Partnership and how vendors can help them achieve their objectives and grow business. Terry Davis and CHHMA President Sam Moncada finished off the day with some closing remarks.

We would like to sincerely thank the Home Hardware executive team and facility staff (in particular John Dyksterhuis) for organizing the event and the warm welcome and opportunity for our members to tour the DC and insights provided during the presentations. Feedback from those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive and it is a type of event we will look at undertaking with other customers in the future. 


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