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Data Security & Privacy Seminar

 CHHMA and COPA held a seminar on November 5, 2018 which covered the topic of cybersecurity from the perspective of data security and privacy.

The presenter was Catherine Gill, a senior account manager within our industry who is also completing her Masters in Communications Management degree at McMaster/Syracuse University and is doing her Masters thesis on data security and privacy.

Catherine talked about some of the major cyber breaches that have taken place recently and what companies need to be on the look out for and what they should be doing to prevent these breaches from happening. Companies need to have plans in place which are tested and communicated and be prepared to deal with a data breach if one does occur. Catherine reviewed some of the stats and 46% of organizations within Canada have experienced a data breach of some kind.

Catherine outlined the new federal legislation (PIEDA - the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act) that took affect on November 1st that requires Canadian commercial organizations to not only notify the Federal Privacy Commissioner of any data breach (personal information) but also keep records of it. Significant fines are in place for non-compliance.

Finally, the seminar touched upon some of the trust and transparency/human rights privacy concerns that organizations will have to address in the future in regards to collecting and utilizing data on individuals.

We would like to thank Catherine for taking the time to talk to our members about this important topic.
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