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CHHMA Spring Conference & AGM 2009

The 2009 CHHMA Spring Conference brought a wealth of diversity to the plate for our attendees. There truly was something for everyone and the sessions were all well attended. The conference's theme was "CHHMA - On your team" and the business content certainly backed that up.

Below is a list of the speakers and a short synopsis of their variety of topics.

Economic Update - Our Annual Look at the Canadian and World Economies
One of our conference highlights for the past nine years, this session will put you in the know.

Don Drummond - Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, TD Bank is one of the most highly sought after and recognized economists in Canada. He is regularly called upon by Governments and business leaders for advice on analysis and forecasting fiscal policy as well as tax policy. Mr. Drummond has the unique ability to make this topic interesting and understandable and some would even say downright entertaining.

That Was Then - This is NOW... Retailing On The EDGE. THE CHANGING NATURE OF SHOPPING!

Anthony J. Stokan
- Leading Retail And Consumer Authority

During the past decade Anthony Stokan has developed an enviable reputation anchoring meetings, think tanks and strategic planning sessions for the shopping centre and retail industries in North America, Europe and South America. His broad-based involvement in manufacturing, marketing and teaching enhances his uniquely informed perspective on what consumers want.

As we move into the final years of this first decade of the new millennium considerable anxiety seems to be the key factor driving consumer uncertainty. In mature economies in Europe and North America the watch list includes unemployment, inflation, lending, housing, the credit crunch and the volatility of the financial markets. How do we effectively meet the needs of extremely anxious consumers during these uncertain times???

2009: A Good Time to Build
It has been said that "you can either make dust, or eat dust" so the question is which would you rather be? Some companies will be winners and will emerge from the next year or two with stronger brand recognition and market share, poised to take advantage of the next upswing. How will your company fair? What can you do to ensure that you are the one making dust?

Jim Letwin is the President of JAN Kelley Marketing, a marketing and communications agency located in Burlington Ontario specializing in building business through stronger branding.
Un-Marketing your business! Focusing on your target market and positioning yourself in front of them to increase revenue and visibility! Showing you how to be viewed as an expert in the field, instead of a sales rep.

Scott Stratten is an expert in Motivation, Work/Life Balance, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, Scott has spoken internationally on a multitude of topics and his articles have been published all over the world
Session 1: Gaining Control of your workday! The 10 "Golden Rules" of time management. How to eliminate the BIG THREE productivity killers: Procrastination, poor planning & personal disorganization. Hidden time wasters; know how to spot them and stop them before they throw a wrench in your day!

Session 2: Positive ways to inspire, guide and lead! Steps to conducting performance evaluations that improve behavior and morale. Why supervisors often fail when giving criticism. The hidden reasons behind why employees do what they do - performance problems solved.

David Morgan has been a trusted advisor to business and industry for over 15 years, David knows there is no escaping problems when you're managing people.
What happens if the "baby boomers" continue to work past 65, the normal retirement age?

Karen Millard, is a principal with, and the senior tax and legal compliance advisor to, Towers Perrin's Canadian Health & Welfare practice. Karen is an expert on employee group health and welfare plan compliance and design including all issues associated with tax, insurance, employment (human rights, contract, and minimum standards), privacy, and other legal regimes applicable to these plans.

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