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CHHMA Spring Conference & AGM 2004

Largest Turnout for Annual General Meeting & Congress

Over 140 members attended this year's Annual General Meeting & Congress (AGM) to hear reports on the business affairs of the Association, issues affecting our industry and economy, and hear what the many speakers had to say.

Don Drummond, Senior Economist with TD Bank Leads Off Congress for
the Fourth Year in a Row

As has become a tradition, Don Drummond, Chief Economist with TD Bank, opened the AGM with his views on the state of the world economy, and what effects the current issues around the world will have on the North American, and more specifically, the Canadian economy.

Armed with his usual slides and research to back his projections, Mr. Drummond stated that he sees the housing market softening slightly, albeit at a very respectable level. He also sees the Canadian dollar stabilizing at somewhere in the high 70's, and interest rates slowly inching upward later in the year, and through the first half of 2005

Over the years, CHHMA members have grown accustomed to Mr. Drummond's unique way of presenting his insights, combining facts and humour to make an otherwise dry subject very enjoyable.

Anthony Stoken, Retail and Consumer Trends

Anthony Stoken, a principle with Anthony Russell Inc., gave an informative and entertaining look into the retail industry, based on research done across North America by his company. He highlighted emerging consumer trends, and how retailers and brand owners are going to have to adapt in order to grow and survive in this ever increasingly competitive arena.

Reverse-Engineering Sales Growth

The third speaker in the morning program was David Batchelor, a Director from the HORN Centre for Applied Measurement. In his presentation, David talked about the need to hire strong performers, and to compensate them appropriately in order to retain them. He also talked about the changing trends in the marketplace and how individual styles can influence the outcome of negotiations.

Business Portion of the Meeting

Chairman of the Board, John Seymour, presented the Annual Report, and brought the members up to date on CHHMA activities, along with future issues and concerns facing the Association and the membership. He reviewed the financial statements and called upon treasurer Jim Rotz to present the Auditor's report. Mr. Rotz stated that the Auditors had given the CHHMA a clean report, and were very complimentary on the state of the Association�s records.

CHHMA President, Vaughn Crofford, highlighted the various committee activities and talked briefly on the status of Stewardship Ontario fees, and the inevitable passing of Bill 102 in Quebec, which will give that Province similar laws to Ontario.

Also approved was the slate of candidates to fill six positions on the Board of Directors, they were:

Gerry Byle, General Manager, Kaz Canada Inc.
Tony Duffy, VP/General Manager of Retail Division, Tremco Canada
Diane Gazzola, President, WD-40 Products (Canada) Inc.
Bob Kendall, General Manager, IPEX HomeRite Products
Bob Falconi, President, Rayovac Canada Inc.
James Mumby, CEO/President, Dynamic Paint Products

The Association also recognized the contribution of Stewart Mathie, Drummond Metal Products, who retired from the Board.

Wendy Hanson Elected New 2004/2005 Chairman

Members attending the luncheon portion of the AGM were introduced to the CHHMA's 2004/2005 Chairman, Wendy Hanson. Elected to the Board in 2001, Ms Hanson has been active on a number of committees. The Executive Committee will consist of Chairman Wendy Hanson of Calphalon Home Products, Gerry Byle of Kaz Canada (First Vice Chairman), Tony Duffy of Tremco Canada (Second Vice Chairman), Jim Rotz of Pyrene Corporation (Treasurer) for a second year, John Seymour (Past Chairman) and Vaughn Crofford (President). Mr. Seymour was recognized for his term as Chairman of the Board and presented with the customary Past Chairman's watch.

Inductees into Industry Hall of Fame Honoured

Mr. Ed Lupton, founder of Millwork Home Centres in Oshawa, and Moss Kadey, founder and builder of Brita Canada were inducted into the Canadian Hardware and Housewares Industry Hall of Fame at the Annual General Meeting of the CHHMA. Founded in 1984, the Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of individual Canadians who have been pioneers of successful manufacturing, distribution or retail enterprises in our country.

Canadian Tire's David Roussy Headlines AGM Luncheon Program

CHHMA members attending this year's AGM heard firsthand where Canadian Tire Corporation sees itself in the marketplace, and how it will continue to transform itself in the future to ensure continued growth and prosperity. David Roussy, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Canadian Tire Retail, made an excellent presentation and was very candid with his remarks about where the corporation felt they were good, where they could improve, and how they would fit into the retail landscape in future years.

CHHMA would like to thank Sterling Commerce for sponsoring the lunch.

Breakout Sessions Added a New Twist to this Year's AGM

In a continuing effort to increase the educational component of our meetings, the Association added breakout sessions to the afternoon program. For the most part, the reviews were good enough to encourage the committee to start work now on next year's program. Sessions like these can only help to enhance members' knowledge, and involve a broader scope of people from our member companies than would not traditionally attend the AGM. CHHMA would like to thank those who put on the seminars as listed below.

Data-Synchronization, RFID and Sunrise 2005
The Electronic Code Council of Canada did a great job of explaining RFID and Sunrise 2005. Sunrise 2005, for those that do not know, is the globalization of the UPC codes, and for many members it raised concerns about having to change packaging to conform. This fear was laid to rest by Michael and Paul of the ECCC.

They also brought members up to speed on the current status of the data-synchronization taking place within our industry. Watch your newsletters for more developments in this area. CHHMA has an active committee working on behalf of the members.

Effective Interviewing
Michael Gravelle lead his group through the "Five Steps to Hiring and Keeping the Best". The session was informative, hands on, and definitely a program we would like to offer to the membership as a half day seminar at a later date. Look for more details in the near future.

Building Your Brand
Sandra LeBlanc of Brandid took members through an informative hour on building a successful brand strategy to create a win/win situation with the modern day larger and more demanding retailers. Retailers today are telling vendors to "play by my rules or don't play at all", making developing a strategy not only important, but essential for survival.

The Board of Directors Expresses its "Thanks"

The Board of Directors of your Association would not only like to thank all those who turned out for this record AGM, but also all members for their support throughout the year. They would also encourage everyone to get involved with the CHHMA, to help make it a stronger and even better Association in the years ahead.

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