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RONA (Marc Dufresne) Breakfast Meeting

says Mr. Marc Dufresne, Executive Vice-President of Purchasing & Logistics of RONA Inc.

At a CHHMA breakfast on November 4th, Mr. Dufresne outlined the many changes that have taken place at RONA over the past few years, especially with its recent purchase of Reno-Depot, and how these changes would ultimately benefit its vendors. He spoke about RONA's ongoing efforts to "buy Canadian" and to "bring the best deal to the consumer," by working with its vendors to provide the best price available, while at the same time encouraging manufacturers to introduce new product that will set them apart from the competition. He also emphasized the importance for vendors to provide detailed information on how their products worked, in order to help in-store staff sell the product.

Mr. Dufresne touched on the future plans of RONA, on the challenges that lay ahead as it attempts to streamline its product lines, and on the recent issue of data synchronization and what it will mean to this multi-format, multi-banner retailer.

Over 100 members attended the breakfast. The feedback from the audience was very positive, with respect to both the presentation and content.

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