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10th Annual CHHMA Night at the Races 2006

It was another evening of fun, good food and fellowship as CHHMA members and their guests gathered at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto on Wednesday, June 21st for the 10th Annual "Night at the Races".

The evening began with a few drinks and dinner at the Post Parade restaurant at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. The restaurant offers a great view of the complete circuit and a very tasty buffet dinner experience. Then, at 6:45pm, it was post time and the start of the racing for our members. As you can imagine there was a lot of studying of form as folks tried to decide which horse or horses they fancied to win. Some people used complicated systems involving logarithmic functions but I have it on good authority that the "stick the pin in the form book with your eyes closed" method was the winner that night.

Everyone enjoyed the CHHMA's traditional in-house betting challenge! Margaret Guglielmin came in first to win the major prize - a DVD player donated by Magtar Sales, our thanks for their generosity! Robert Pizzola was only one point behind and walked away with a set of digital drums. In third place was Rick MacKinnon who won a set of binoculars. Other consolation prize winners were Wendy McPherson, Jamie Milroy, Dan Laing and Ray Riendeau.

Our members who attended had an absolutely fabulous time and some claim they even won some money! At the end of the night, as people counted up their winnings, it was agreed that no matter which method you used a great time was enjoyed by all and everyone looked forward to doing it again next year.

The date for 2007 is June 6th. Mark your calendar and join in the fun!

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