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Lowe's (Doug Robinson) Breakfast Meeting

On December 8th, 2005, we hosted a business breakfast featuring Mr. Doug Robinson, President of Lowe's Canada, as guest speaker.

The event, at the Toronto Parkway North Hotel, was an unprecedented success with almost 400 members attending to listen to Mr. Robinson expound on Lowe's impending entry into the Canadian retail market.
Mr. Robinson told members that Lowe's, the world's second largest home improvement retailer, will be entering the Canadian market in a very deliberate fashion. Beginning in 2007, Lowe's will open 10 stores in Canada, starting in the Greater Toronto Area. His expectation is that they will expand thereafter into other metropolitan markets in Canada and eventually into rural areas, opening as many as 100 stores in the process. It is anticipated that this will result in significant opportunities for Canadian vendors. He added that the Lowe's model is one of organic growth, not one of acquisition. They intend building their own stores in each geography adopting the greenfield store approach rather than purchasing existing companies or premises.

Mr. Robinson's presentation was enthusiastically received by our attending members. We anticipate having him return to speak with us as his company grows closer to opening their Canadian store operations.

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