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12th Annual CHHMA Night at the Races

The annual CHHMA Night at the Races was again a marvelous evening for the folks in attendance. The fun and the fillies were flying and there were lots of excited voices raised to urge on people's favoured mounts in each race.

Everyone enjoyed the CHHMA's traditional in-house betting challenge! Sammy Mitchell came in first to win a Canon digital camera, second place went to John Carbone who was only one point behind, he was thrilled with - a DVD player donated by Magtar Sales, our thanks for their generosity! In third place Brenda Calisina won a lovely CHHMA golf shirt. There were lots of other consolation prize winners and the evening was a huge success.

At the end of the night, as people counted up their winnings, it was agreed that no matter what handicapping method you used, a great time was had by all and everyone looked forward to doing it again next year. The date for 2008 is Wednesday, June 24th. Mark your calendar and join in the fun!

This event is always a lot of fun but, more importantly, can give you the undivided attention of a customer for a full evening in a social environment. Not something you can get to do in most other cases. Below we have a number of photos of our attendees.

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